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Date: 26 Oct 2013 | 10:01AM
Location : Sao Paulo, Brazil

Comment : Anuj! Great friend and DJ. All your song are amazing!! Keep on this, help us to relax our mind! Thanks thanks thanks!!
- Grace Knoblauch

Date: 14 Aug 2013 | 10:01AM
Location : Tokyo, Japan

Comment : Thanks for the tunes. Was going through Andy Blueman withdrawals till I came across your mixes. Thank you! Keep up the great work!
- Japanoob

Date: 13 Jun 2013 | 4:46PM
Location : Cape Town, South Africa

Comment : you are most fucking amazing. You should come to S.A I will organise you a great awesome crowd and people who enjoy Ure music like I do. no doubt your sets really amazing and inspirational. Stay fucking awesome.
- Fadl Abrahams

 Date: 5 Apr 2013 | 6:29PM
Location : Baltimore, MD

Comment :  I've downloaded ALL of your mixes. Stellar job on all. My favorite right now is the mix of Mango vs. Deadmau5, since I'm a HUGE Deadmau5 fan. Keep up the GREAT work. I'm looking forward to seeing more great mixes in the future. You've inspired me to make a couple new mixes of my own. Especially a full Deadmau5 mix like your 10 minute Deadmau5 mix video. Great job, man.
- Michael Sauerman

Date: 23 Feb 2013 | 8:03PM
Location : Cambridge, UK

Comment :  Brilliant tunes! Keep them coming! xx
- Lena

 Date: 16 Jan 2013 | 3:48PM
Location : Nairobi, Kenya

Comment :
  I really looove your mixes especially A NEW YEAR DAWN 2012/2013...Great stuff
- Shawn Kirika

Date: 31 Dec 2012 | 7:44PM
Location : Hobart, Australia

Comment :  I love your music, think your mixes are amazing! Best trance and uplifting music there is. Do you play at any clubs? Would be willing to travel to see you
- Jason

Date: 21 Jan 2012 | 2:27AM
Location : Calgary, Canada

Comment :  man, i am loving every second that every podcast is played.. so much music i haven't heard and so many i have missed. just fantastic.. keep it up.
music is the dream a blind man see's clearly. and i am not blind but i close my eyes and just go with it. :)
- Darren Mclennan

Date: 29 Dec 2011 | 10:15PM
Location : New York

Comment :  loving the podcast amazing work !!!
- ps

Date: 7 Nov 2011 | 7:31AM

Date: 9 Dec 2011 | 5:11PM
Location : England

Comment :  Hello! Volume 33 is absolutely awesome my friend...whens your world tour coming to Yorkshire in England??!!
Keep it Real
- Tim

Date: 7 Nov 2011 | 7:31AM
Location : Bangalore, India

Comment :  Fantabulous mixes buddy, keep up the good work...!
- Anush

Date: 15 Sep 2011 | 2:19AM
Location : Peterborough, England

Comment :  One word STUNNING......keep up the good work mate :)
-Steve Walton

Date: 9 Sep 2011 | 9:59PM
Location : Tucson,USA; Basel,Switzerland; Santa Barbara, USA; Singapore; Kolkata,India

Comment :  This guy is awesome! Not only is he a nice guy, his music just blows my mind! His mixes feel so surreal, its like free-falling... :)
thanks for your mixes homie! keep up the awesome work and when are you coming to my multiple sides of the world?

Date: 24 Aug 2011 | 4:29PM
Location : Cambridge, MA

Comment :  Hey Anuj, keep up the good work with these mixes!
- Dave P

Date: 14 Aug 2011 | 10:36AM
Location : Nagpur, India

Comment :  Dear Anuj, I always have been fascinated by DJs. I was just surfing net and i came across your website. I am really happy to see you entertaining people. I always have dreamed about being a DJ, but due to some reasons I am into a different line. But, I am happy for you. God bless Music!!!! God bless the DJs!!! God Bless You.
- Neeraj Nanoti

Date: 3 Aug 2011 | 3:01PM
Location : Mumbai, India

Comment :  Have been listening to Anuj's Podcasts and Sets for about 3/4 years now, everytime I hear his music, it makes me feel happy and yet motivated. I really like his track lists... his work has always been very inspiring and it surely was one of the factor that got me into DJing too! Cheers man, big up!!!
- Manali Shah

Date: 1 Aug 2011 | 2:40PM
Location : Citizen of the World, currently in Spain (but not for long)

Comment :  absolutely fab work Anuj! impressive the way vocals and music have been mixed in every piece of dance you made! great stuff keep it up mate.
- Karmen

Date: 15 Jul 2011 | 1:06AM
Location : Rome, Italy

- Edward

Date: 9 Jul 2011 | 5:26PM
Location : Belgrade, Serbia

Comment :  I really enjoy trance music and discovered djanuj.com by pure chance/luck - glad I did because it's 100% trance awesomeness!!!
wokal3 is my favourite for now :) keep up the good work man! best wishes and cheers from serbia :)
- Bojan Vujicic

Date: 28 Jun 2011 | 10:08PM
Location : Brighton, MA

Comment :  this guestbook sign-up is clearly well overdue!
- Aaron Rissler

Date: 22 May 2011 | 3:16PM
Location : Artix, South West France

Comment :  Hello Anuj,
For me you are the best DJ ever in the world of Trance music.
Amazing choice of differents artists & producers, almost happy to discover new AoA and Total wokal works. Thank you so much for sharing your job.
Greeting from France!
- Serge

Date: 16 May 2011 | 5:32PM
Location : Leeds, England

Comment :  Hello from England,
Thank you for your Mix volume 33...I find the way you built this set was beautiful, with increasing levels of euphoria! The vocals tell an awesome story throughout too. Keep it up and look forwards to the next one...thought I was the last one playing this style.
- Tim

Date: 20 Jan 2011 | 9:27PM
Location : Beijing, China 

Comment :  Anuj, the first time I listened Trance Music is from you, and I introduced to couple of my frds who may enjoy this type of music, Really like your AOA 007 since 43min until the end. There's not so many Trance music in China. Luckly to know about your works...keep it up dude.
- Raymond

Date: 1 Jan 2011 | 2:16AM
Location : Ruston, LA 

Comment :  No 2010 Y.E.S.?!?! :(
Aww, man! Still love all your sessions though. Keep up the good work!
- Starr

Date: 5 Dec 2010 | 5:25PM
Location : The Hague, Netherlands

Comment :  Just downloaded your latest Trance Global Session. All your previous releases are and were very enjoyed. I love your choices for your guest deejays; very good deejays come to your studio for the Trance Global Sessions guest mix. On my website http://ietmie.nl is now a remixable classical symphony for download in 6x4x 44100Hz 16 bit .WAV file; "Power Plant - Strawberry Seasons" with a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license (derivatives allowed with credits).
- EatMe - http://ietmie.nl

Date: 16 Nov 2010 | 11:12PM
Location : Gallup, NM

Comment :  Hey there Anuj! Thanks for supporting my remix. Glad to know that it made the list with a city close to home! This is the first i've heard of your podcast, and now a permanent subscriber.
Thank you!

Date: 10 Nov 2010 | 4:26AM
Location : Bangalore, India

Comment :  Hey Anuj, Global trance vol 18 is the first i heard of your mixes..very well mixed. Keep up the good work! :-)
Cheers! - Sameer Rao

Date: 18 Aug 2010 | 4:01PM
Location : Xemxija, Malta

Comment :  Hi Anuj,
I just discover your mixes a month ago. I moved that time from Holland to Malta. You on my iphone gave me such good times. I have a great terras on the waterfront in St Pauls bay. After a month's listening to your podcasts, I'm totally addicted. Very smooth mixing and record selections. Voted for you as number 1 keep up to the good work and many thanx for the efforts. St Pauls Bay is from now on Anuj Bay also :)) - Andreas

Date: 8 Aug 2010 | 9:29AM
Location : Morges, Switzerland

Comment :  I am from Spain (Madrid), but I live in Switzerland actually. In Spain and now, always I listening your mixes and I used it to training and my sports.
Aboutall, I'm a runner and your mixets and rhythms are perfec to practice and enjoy of the music and the sports at the same time.
Congratulations!! - Carlos Cortés

Date: 24 Jul 2010 | 3:20PM
Location : Perth, Scotland

Comment :  I am thrilled to know you, Anuj and blown away by your sound and status in the dance industry. Your Trance Hub features not only awesome sound but you also find time to include other excellent DJs, not many professional artists have time for others on the way up.
I love life love music...you'll always hear great House, Progressive house & Tech, Techno and Trance in my sets ...all mixed to tell you the listeners a story. Hold on and enjoy, I'm a female dj and soon to be producer of my own sounds too...so watch this space - http://www.clublifeglobal.com - Nikki Flame Jordan

Date: 22 Jul 2010 | 3:51PM
Location : Medford, MA

Comment :  Anuj, I've loved most of your collection. They are awesome and enjoyable. - Praveen

Date: 20 Jul 2010 | 1:32PM
Location : Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Comment :  hi i'm huge Fan of all your Anuj on Air, great selection of track your my #1 Dj in vocal trance, keep up the amazing job!!!
you're the BOMBBB!!! - Paul R. Garrido

Date: 18 Jul 2010 | 10:37PM
Location : Boston, MA, USA

Comment :  I played volume 30 as my plane took off to LA. As I closed my eyes your music took me somewhere familiar. I was in the car being driven around the city at night. The lights around us would come close and quickly disappear. The air outside was cold but not inside;) the one I loved warmly held my hand. Thank you for those experiences and more :-) - L

Date: 5 Jul 2010 | 3:57PM
Location : Miami, FL

Comment :  nice web site. heard about you from htp://www.ravelinks.com - Krista

Date: 21 Jun 2010 | 7:07PM
Location : Stevenage, England

Comment :  Excellent stuff - on random on my mobile -Just so good 2 listen 2. Shame about service providers trying 2 put caps on downloads - would download the lot! Thanks anyway! - Dave Lowe

Date: 4 May 2010 | 1:54PM
Location : Bangkok, Thailand

Comment :  Hello Anuj, I'm a big fan of trance music. Your mix sets are really fantastic, smooth and sensual at the same time. I rated you a five stars DJ. Keep up the good work. THX. - Wuttirayut Petrak

Date: 10 Apr 2010 | 11:16AM
Location : The Hague, Netherlands

Comment :  Anuj - superbly enjoyable mix sets. Very skillfully mixed and sounding very crisp. Thanks a lot for sharing! - EatMe.2tunes.com

Date: 09 Apr 2010 | 9:02AM
Location : Cairo, Egypt

Comment :  Hey Dude, really thnx for ur Trance global Vol Sets. They really rock esp. Trance Global Vol 21. U r awesome Dude and keep on Rockin - Ibrahim

Date: 09 Apr 2010 | 3:38AM
Location : Paris, France

Comment :  Really a fuc***g amazing sound. All time accross my iphone, to find sleeping, or dancing, you selected music very well, and mix it at the best! - Jérémy

Date: 08 Apr 2010 | 11:22PM
Location : Albany, NY

Comment :  Living in Albany, NY and there is not a huge techno scene. I've just been recently exposed to it, so I really only know a lot of local house DJ's, which I love. I'm really not big into trance but I have to say your site has opened my eyes to that genre. Not to mention the DJ is soooo sexy! - Joanne

Date: 03 Apr 2010 | 9:53AM
Location : Brussels, Belgium

Comment :  Hi Anuj , thanks for the e mail u sended me. The tunes on ur volume 28 track are amazing . Keep up the good work . Greetings from Brigitte and Atanu . xxx - Brigitte

Date: 26 Mar 2010 | 10:52AM
Location : Brussels, Belgium

Comment :  ur tunes are awesome, can't stop playing them lol , laajawaab....aap to kamaal kan dijye.... keep it on baisahab, the last sentence is from your brother. Greetings - Brigitte

Date: 12 Mar 2010 | 9:51PM
Location : Goiania, Brazil

Comment :  I love the sound! Success my angel!!! - Yara Godoy

Date: 12 Mar 2010 | 10:55AM
Location : NYC, NY

Comment :  Vol 27..sweet mix my friend! As always, I look forward to having you in my iPod every month ;)
Love ya! - Kelly

Date: 26 Feb 2010 | 3:17AM
Location : Cairo, Egypt

Comment :  Hey Anuj !. i love ur sets, especially Trance Global Vol...Ur mixing is so smooth and flawless. and ur track selection is amazing with really unique remixes !!!
Thanks for ur music, and keep up the good work
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect - Ibrahim Soliman

Date: 25 Feb 2010 | 5:08PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment :  Anuj -- am a huge fan of yours and love your mixes - especially Trace Global Vol 9!! You should spin in Boston (or maybe you already do) I'm sure you'll attract quite a following!! Looking forward to more great stuff from you! - Anna

Date: 16 Feb 2010 | 9:40AM
Location : Magdeburg, Germany

Comment :  Hey Anuj, I listened to your Trance Global #26 and really appreciated the music and mixing! As a DJ myself I enjoyed hearing some of my favourite tunes by another DJ in some unknown (to me) remixes. Keep it up and take care! - Addliss

Date: 10 Feb 2010 | 7:17PM
Location : Los Angeles, CA 

Comment : Hey, Anuj.. I just finished listening to vol .26.. Another amazing set.. There is nothing better than listening to vol 26 when its sunshine in LA and you are stuck on 101..lol great tracks and sick beats.. You’ve done it again.. Good Luck!!
- Nancy

Date: 2 Feb 2010 | 2:39PM
Location : Boston, MA, USA 

Comment : Anuj, You're the man!- Bobby G.

Date: 1 Feb 2010 | 9:49PM
Location : USA 

Comment : Dear Anuj - Your #26 opens many hearts and minds in just a view seconds of listening, this is another masterpiece in quality production made by God given gift to you . If we can vote -we'd vote for " MASSIVE CHOON" :) - Alex & Yuki

Date: 29 Jan 2010 | 9:03AM
Location : Lancaster, England

Comment : I've just been listening to your NewYear2010ClubMix, and really enjoyed it!! This mix was stonking!!
The mixing was flawless and the tunes went together really well. A great mix of vocal and non-vocal as well.
Keep up the great work Anuj! - Ginny K

Date: 26 Jan 2010 | 7:41PM
Location : Chicago, IL

Comment : Awesome!!! - Misty Upston

Date: 26 Jan 2010 | 1:09PM
Location : Blagoveschensk, Russia

Comment : Thank you for the "Trance, Global Vol 25 - Mumbai, IN"! Great mix. The best mix I have heard ever! Best regards. - Syntherra

Date: 17 Jan 2010 | 4:44PM
Location : USA

Comment : seen your work here and there someone in afterhours fm radio forum finally posted link. small world \o/ your club proggy is good ..I may come back for more Cheers:) - Alex

Date: 13 Jan 2010 | 9:53PM
Location : Dallas, TX

Comment : Anuj rocks my socks off :D - Mandeezy Yanez

Date: 08 Jan 2010 | 11:40AM
Location : Israel

Comment : i been waiting for your mix over a month you are one of the best djs thanx for all mix that you up. yours - Roy Segal

Date: 25 Nov 2009 | 4:04PM
Location : Miami, FL

Comment : Good sets, very melodic. - Alan

Date: 19 Nov 2009 | 12:46PM
Location : Tampa, FL

Comment : Hi I just want to say thank you for ur music. U are like a music doctor prescribing beat medication for all my problems and stress. Seriously u don't know how much your mixes help me get through hard times, being in the military can be a lonely life, but at least I have great music that keeps my head bobbin.
Thanks. - Marshal

Date: 7 Nov 2009 | 2:19PM
Location : Revere, MA

Comment : amazing podcast buddy. Trance for life - Brendan Collins

Date: 19 Oct 2009 | 8:07AM
Location : Kolkata, India

Comment : Dear Anuj,
You have every element to become a world famous DJ...infact you have already started rocking the music world. Your mixes and selections of tunes are so very soothing to our ears and mind. Keep going. - Subir Roy

Date: 11 Oct 2009 | 10:15PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : Anuj, your mixes are so well put together. You choose amazing tunes, and compile them in a way that presents what is special about each of them.

Please keep making mixes!!! - Marcie

Date: 9 Oct 2009 | 9:10PM
Location : Stuttgart, Germany

Comment :  THANKS FOR VOL.22!! TRANCE FOREVER!! - Kappes

Date: 8 Oct 2009 | 6:35PM
Location : Baltimore, MD

Comment : Fantastic sounds!!! - Diamond

Date: 29 Sep 2009 | 3:48AM
Location : Zürich, Switzerland

Comment : I love your sound and your way of mixing!
you create a perfect mixture of progressive and melodic sounds...something what ist not easy to find here in Europe...please keep on going that way...greetings @ you and the fanbase from Switzerland-Zürich - Mo

Date: 28 Sep 2009 | 8:51PM
Location : Leesburg, VA & Magadan, Siberia

Comment : Hey, I have heard almost all of your cds & I have to tell you, you ARE VERY INSPIRING!!!! Whenever i feel down, your music always brings me up. I love to light candles in my room turn off the light and just get lost in trance its an amazing feeling, sometimes when i drive i forget where im going bcuz im so into your mixes, thank you so much for sharing it with all of us. Keep doing amazing things.
Take Care - Svetlana Moenbaeva [Liza]

Date: 24 Sep 2009 | 3:49AM
Location : Michigan, USA

Comment : Greetings from Michigan. I just want to say thanks for making all these great mixes available to us. No doubt, your style is enlightening and uplifting and I will continue to spread the word to people I meet. Love to make it to one of your sets. Keep it up brother! - m.shal

Date: 11 Sep 2009 | 1:12AM
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa

Comment : Hey A,
You're a trance wizard with the perfect seamless touch and greatest tunes...
Thanks for inspiring us all with the greatest Global Trance sets and sharing it.
Dude U ROCK!!!!
- Dave

Date: 9 Sep 2009 | 03:56AM
Location : Huelva, Spain

Comment : Keep Rockin' Anuj. You are in the right way to be a world famous dj. Thanks for your mixes and greetings from Spain. - KarloS

Date: 7 Sep 2009 | 5:23PM
Location : Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Comment : This Rocks. - Kimberly Poaps

Date: 6 Sep 2009 | 4:02PM
Location : Nagold, Germany

Comment : Hello Anuj, you have very very good mixes. I've been listening to some of your mixes. I enjoy your style. Keep up that good work - Frank (DJ Peaceman)

Date: 5 Sep 2009 | 3:55AM
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Comment :  I’m gonna start calling you “Vocal Trance Guru” lol I must thank you for sharing your talent.. Vol. 21 is absolutely fabulous.. Your mixes have always been fresh and uplifting.. Just can’t get enough of ‘em.. I keep listening to vol. 21 over and over.. I luv the intro, Carry Me Away, Fall Into You, Flatline, Be All Mine, About You, Strange and All I Need To Know.. Seems like I got the whole track list down.. lol well I’ve finally graduated from Vol. 9 and I hope to hear much more from you.. You got magic in your fingers so keep playing these amazing sounds.. Vocal trance rocks!! - Nancy Bindra

Date: 1 Sep 2009 | 5:15PM
Location : GERMANY

Comment :  THANK YOU FOR VOL.21 .. YOUR THE BEST!!!! - Kappes

Date: 20 Aug 2009 | 4:20PM
Location : Ни́жний Но́вгород, Russia

Comment :  Lucky music .... thanks  - Oleg

Date: 14 Aug 2009 | 10:11PM
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Comment :  Great track selection and seamless mixing. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.  - Mario

Date: 12 Aug 2009 | 4:15PM
Location : GERMANY

Comment :  BEST TRANCE IN TIME!!! THANK YOU!! - Kappes

Date: 28 Jul 2009 | 7:44AM
Location : NYC/Washington, DC

Comment :  Hello again my friend.
Was walking to work today listening to Vol 18 AGAIN.....felt inspired to tell you once more that I love your work Anuj. It's been a stressful week so far and Vol 18 lifted my spirits to match the sunshine we have today.

Just wanted to put that out there....you mixes are wonderful! - Kelly

Date: 19 Jul 2009 | 6:45PM
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Comment :  Anuj, WOW!! AOA4.. GREAT MIX... track list was amazing as always.. I mean one after another “Cant Sleep, No More by Dj Stephano feat. Misha..”... and seriously “My heart will go on” I heart the original mix composed by James Horner.. But this one = MAD.. I don’t wanna listen to the original one anymore.. Keep surprising us.. That day is not far when we’ll be standing in the lines for your music... GOOD LUCK :-) - Nancy Bindra

Date: 19 Jul 2009 | 2:25AM
Location : Noida, India

Comment :  awesome music. loved your mixes. keep up the spirit...u r d best anuj - Gautam

Date: 14 Jul 2009 | 10:26AM
Location : NYC/DC

Comment :  Anuj my friend! Vol 19 was inspiring....your mixes are getting more addictive each time.... and not a bad addiction to have ;)

Keep it up man...you have got a hardcore fan right here! You gotta get down here to NY or DC soon.... - Kelly

Date: 9 Jul 2009 | 1:39AM
Location : Boston, MA & Karachi, Pakistan

Comment :  Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.
Anuj you have the talent and you have the courage, These qualities will definitely help you succeed in this line.
I have known you for a year now. You are great at work and a great friend so, knowing you I am firm in my belief that you possess numerous talents and definitely DJing is one of the best you have.
I am sure one day you wont be working with us but we would be standing in lines to attend your concert.
best of luck - Sherjeel Zaman

P.S. Vol 15 still tops the list for me in the Trance Global Series.

Date: 1 Jul 2009 | 12:50PM
Location : Dallas, TX

Comment :  Dj Anuj!!! u never cease 2 amaze, vol 19 is amazing best mix i have EVER heard from ANYBODY!!!! i love it. and ill pray for ur friend like u asked - Stephen L

Date: 9 Jun 2009 | 8:01PM
Location : Orange County, CA

Comment :  ANUJ ...is a good friend...the Best DJ and his mixes are my favorite music thats in my laptop...vote vote vote lets get him to the TOP !! - Lillian Oloomi

Date: 8 Jun 2009 | 9:18PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment :  So amazing and sexy, fantastic beginning in vol 12, love it:) - Irva

Date: 5 Jun 2009 | 10:29PM
Location : Woburn, MA

Comment :  Hey if u need a model... I could be your girl! Nice meeting you :) - Elizabeth

Date: 5 Jun 2009 | 1:18AM
Location : Wisconsin

Comment :  Revere, MA Nice!!! - Andrew

Date: 24 May 2009 | 1:07AM
Location : Tallinn, Estonia

Comment :  I love your mixes ;)) - Gerli

Date: 18 May 2009 | 10:01AM
Location : Cambridge, MA

Comment :  Amazingly mixed Trance and vocals in vol 17. Keep up the good work! - Indianchef

Date: 15 May 2009 | 12:22PM
Location : Dallas, TX


Date: 12 May 2009 | 8:47PM
Location : Louisville, KY

Comment :  Hey cuteness...Your music is amazing!!!!!!! Loves it!!! =) - Lisa R.

Date: 1 May 2009 | 6:50PM
Location : Pune > NJ

Comment :  Dude i just love ur vocal trance, actually i got introduced to it thru ur music....i had been listening to ur music from a long time in India, and now as I am in NJ, want to meet you man, and start following something like ur path...I can come down to Boston over the weekend if u can find sometime..plzz lemme knw dude....do reply either here or t my mail address, i will be waiting....till then keep playing such wndrful music... - Chaitanya

Date: 21 Apr 2009 | 5:10AM
Location : Budapest, Hungary

Comment :  great music. putting me in a very good mood. loved it!! talented one :) - Veronika Nagy

Date: 13 Apr 2009 | 4:58PM
Location : LA

Comment :  Hey, Just finished listening to vol 16 and I must say job well done.. It started very smooth I believe the instrument played was sitar but I cud be wrong… My love-Airscape feat. Jes I luv luv luv it specially the 2nd half .. The way it picks up.. Amazingly done.. another great one is Rex mundi feat. Susana - Nothing at all.. Good selection of songs as always.. btw you are a Shining star so keep shining.. I wish you good luck.. - Nancy

Date: 8 Apr 2009 | 3:40PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment :  Great job on the mixes. Good transitions & nice song selection I must say.
I DJ as a hobby as well - mostly progressive, vocal trance & tech-house.
Here is my link http://trippysoundscapes.googlepages.com
Let me know if you'd like to collaborate at some level (guest mixes etc). Shoot me an email.
Looking forward to hearing from you. - Gaurav

Date: 8 Apr 2009 | 6:35AM
Location : Cape Town, South Africa

Comment :  fabulous..................... - Simiso Percy Mukasa

Date: 6 Apr 2009 | 12:13PM
Location : Saint Paul, MN

Comment :  wud up? - Stephanie Miller

Date: 4 Apr 2009 | 7:25PM
Location : Olathe, KS, US

Comment : My sweet sweet darling Anuj, you are the diamond in the rough. I can't stop listening to Vol 15, as I've listened to it just about every day since you released it. It is my calming, mellow anthem. Everytime I feel the need to bring peace to my soul, I turn it on, and instantly feel closer to you. I absolutely love it! It's like your voice, so calming and refreshing. I definitely looking forward to your future mixes :)



Date: 3 Apr 2009 | 1:53PM
Location : Ruston, Louisiana

Comment : The more I listen, the more I love... - Caren

Date: 1 Apr 2009 | 1:08PM
Location : Las Vegas, United States

Comment : Loving the music. Keep spinning. - B

Date: 1 Apr 2009 | 1:03PM
Location : NYC & Miami, USA

Comment : Global Trance Vol 15 is hot, hot, hot! I'm in LUV! Awesome photos and super slick website.
It's inspiring to see someone hold down a corporate job while pursuing their passion and artistic side at the same time.
I'm trying to find that balance and it's not easy. I'd much rather be dancing than sitting at my desk.
Hope to see you work the turntables in person. If you decide to assemble some dancers I'll volunteer.
Rock on Anuj!
XOXO - Angela

Date: 27 Mar 2009 | 11:06PM
Location : Tampa, FL, USA

Comment : Just met you and from what I can see, hear and feel.....you are a true artist with many talents and your drive will get you where you want to go in this life!! You are a beautiful person. Great job on the website as well. - Michelle

Date: 26 Mar 2009 | 9:47PM
Location : Arden, NC

Comment : I love your music and you are VERY handsome to look at I might add:) - Sherri Jones

Date: 26 Mar 2009 | 9:20PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : Awesome mixes! :) - Vanessa

Date: 26 Mar 2009 | 8:16PM
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Comment : Hey, a fan from city of Angeles. I’m glad that I was introduced to your music. I’ve been listening to Vol. 15 and I must say good work. Way to go Anuj :-) - Neetu Bindra

Date: 26 Mar 2009 | 3:17PM
Location : Toronto, CA

Comment : I downloaded your global trance vol 15 the other day, I'm totally loving it. - Mya

Date: 25 Mar 2009 | 10:04AM
Location : Charlotte, NC

Comment : Great Job Anuj..as usual, the mixes rock...keep up the good work!!! - Prajjal

Date: 25 Mar 2009 | 8:04AM
Location : Peoria, IL

Comment : Love your music, might have to use it when I am freestylin in the dance studio! Big kisses and best of luck to ya! - Summer

Date: 24 Mar 2009 | 4:06AM
Location : Abu Dhabi, UAE

Comment : Love your Work ................... Hopefully see you sometime - Ahmad Bilal

Date: 24 Mar 2009 | 12:19AM
Location : Englewood, CO

Comment : Its so great its confusing! All I can do is surrender. I am a willing participant to connect to the divine through your intuitively calculated gift of sound arrangement.
And like the others, I see you DJ Anuj. And I am thankful that you continue to overcome whatever obstacles of self-doubt, uncertainty or fear to share with us what you know to be true.
You do make a difference and change the way people relate to themselves and to others.
Please continue to take steps into the unknown... its the only place you can truly grow.
Love is Great! - Todd Meier

Date: 20 Mar 2009 | 7:15PM
Location : Netherlands

Comment : Thanks for the great STR8 Guestmix you did for my show - Jordy

Date: 14 Mar 2009 | 11:36PM
Location : Vienna, Austria

Comment : Thank you Anuj 4 the GREAT mixes, i like every one you have made. its a great experience to listen to your mixes. - LG Jay

Date: 12 Mar 2009 | 9:57AM
Location : Ruston, LA, USA

Comment : GREAT music, gorgeous photos! You are well on your way, and I wish you the best. - Caren

Date: 11 Mar 2009 | 4:28PM
Location : Olathe, KS

Comment : Anuj, your music is simply amazing! I'm being the oddball and downloading them backwards, and am listening to Vol 13 right now as I write this and talk to you, haha. :) I wish you all the luck and know that you'll go far! I'm looking forward to Vol 15 in a couple days! I'll talk to you later! - Laura

Date: 04 Mar 2009 | 7:39PM
Location : Wilmington, DE

Comment : This guy rocks...his trance music uplifts and soars the spirits to a new level. I am a great fan of his compilations. Hear it to believe it. I wish DJ Anuj all the very best. May he come up with more pulsating tunes for all of us. Go on DJ Anuj...we are with you. You are the best dude and keep it up. - Rajesh Tripathy

Date: 21 Feb 2009 | 11:13PM
Location : Park City, UT

Comment : I just have to say i have absolutely fallen in love with your music... i was a huge fan of vocal/uplifting trance before, but your music has taken my excitement to a whole new level... i cant stop listening. thank you so much. one request - please come to utah to play! park city, specifically. I saw armin van buuren at harryo's and it was amazing, the crowd was so into it.. i know you would get the same reaction.. wonderful, amazing, beautiful music you make. please keep it coming! - Todd

Date: 19 Feb 2009 | 2:27PM
Location : PDX

Comment : Bro, amazing tunes! I love your mixes - Eddy

Date: 17 Feb 2009 | 10:32PM
Location : Wichita, KS

Comment : Fan from the heartland signing in!! Nice work...very gripping. - Melissa

Date: 15 Feb 2009 | 5:00PM
Location : Florida, USA

Comment : Anuj! Your music is just ethereal...It's helped me regenerate so MANY times! I'm addicted! Just keep creating magic the way you do....  - Nupur Deshpande

Date: 11 Feb 2009 | 3:02AM
Location : Washington, DC

Comment : that new Reflekt remix is amazing! It's been my favorite song since used in Its All Gone Pete Tong  - Teddy Siebert

Date: 10 Feb 2009 | 4:48PM
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Comment : Wat's up DJ Anuj!! I started listening to your music like 3 weeks ago and I juz can’t get enuff of it specially vol. 9 (my favs) it brings smile on my face... Vol. 13 drives me insane... “Oceanlab - Sirens Of The Sea (Kyau vs. Albert Vocal Mix)” in vol. 3 is simply awesome and this morning I heard a diff mix in vol. 8 (Sonorous Rmx)... Now I can’t decide which one I like the most... It is an addictive mix... And Vol. 12 is juz LOVELY!! Your mixes make my day go by a lot faster @ work.. It takes me away from all the stress... lol... I was never into vocal trance I always listened to Progressive and House but now I can’t stop listening to vocal... Wonderful taste in muzic... Keep up the good work.. 8-)  - Nancy

Date: 8 Feb 2009 | 8:10PM
Location : Costa Mesa, CA

Comment : Love you & your music ... can't wait to see you so we can party and have some good times .... Love - Lillian

Date: 3 Feb 2009 | 9:28PM
Location : Connecticut

Comment : Anuj, your mixes are very uplifting and soothing. When I sit back and relax I put your mix on. keep up the good work! - James

Date: 31 Jan 2009 | 6:44AM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : Just listened to vol. 13 - Excellent mix!!! - Rekha

Date: 26 Jan 2009 | 1:28PM
Location : Dallas, TX

Comment : Whats up anuj, love your mixes started listening to them about 8months ago and have been hooked ever since. u should try and come to dallas just about every big name in trance, house, and electronic has come to lizard lounge. would love to see u there - Stephen

Date: 22 Jan 2009 | 3:58PM
Location : Vienna, Austria

Comment : HI Dj Anuj you do a great work, I hear your tracks in my work and wen i travel from home to work and work to my home, its a great alternation. Thank you 4 the GREAT MIXES I LOVE it. Greetings from Vienna. - JAY

Date: 20 Jan 2009 | 2:49PM
Location : Goa, India

Comment : Hi buddy, I really like your mixes and have been listening them since Sensulaity series and Trance Global. And the New Year Mix was just too nice... :) Keep the good work BTW I also have started making mixes (following you lol), & have bought 2 CDJ-400 & a Numark DXM 09 mixer. If you have time please check my mixes and tell me how good/bad they are. My website is http://flash.trance.dj/ - Prashant

Date: 19 Jan 2009 | 11:43AM
Location : Italy

Comment : Very cool trance mixes!!!! Congratulation from Italy!!! Anyone know where Can I found the .cue of these great music? Thx in advance! :) - Paolo

Date: 2 Jan 2009 | 9:35AM
Location : Belgium

Comment : dj anuj...the name didn't ring a bell in belgium, but dude, you choose the best tracks! The new year mix was a blast, started playing it while i was preparing my apartment to receive our guests, and I found myself dancing more than ever:) keep up the good work, and let's hope we'll ever see you in Belgium!!! - Nicolas

Date: 27 Dec 2008 | 8:32PM
Location : Kalmar, Sweden

Comment : Hey anuj, plz come to sweden and play some real trance for us. Its only Dance and pop here. Please we are dying! - DJTKarlsson

"DJTKarlsson, I'll be honored to! ... but do checkout Mike Shiver - he's Swedish ... who also happens to be from Kalmar. You should attend one of his local gigs first - He's AMAZING! ... and (arguably) the BEST remixer. I've included quite a few of his songs in my sets." - Anuj

Date: 19 Dec 2008 | 12:20PM
Location : Minneapolis, MN

Comment : Hey Buddy, Nice work on the Galveston, TX set. You are improving yourself by leaps and bounds. I especially found a stark improvement in the transitions from one track to another. Awesome stuff. Keep it going!!!! - Shadab

Date: 15 Dec 2008 | 7:03AM
Location : Uberlândia - MG - Brasil

Comment : UH, UHUUUUH! I was the first one to download Trance Global Vol. 12!!! Very good songs... - Eduardo Deslandes

Date: 22 Nov 2008 | 6:24AM
Location : Chandigarh, India

Comment : hi thr.....its such a proud a feeling 2 see an Indian guy coming up with such brilliant tracks.....i have like 20 more frnds of mine here in chandigarh who also like me cudn't believe what they heard. WE r really proud of u man....keep spinning......and 1 request v wanna make is....it would b great if u could make a remix out of justin timberlake's song love stoned....nt the complete track but of the "she knows" part.We really loved what dj tiesto made out of it but we want you to give us a better track. Thank you. - Ujjwal

"Thanks for the kind words, Ujjwal. I'll have to look into that track - I'll keep you informed. I'm not sure I have your email though." - Anuj

Date: 20 Nov 2008 | 4:05AM
Location : Naples, FL

Comment : Hey sexy, your mixes are really awesome, keep up the good work, try to make it to South Florida sometime soon!!!! :) - Kristen

Date: 14 Nov 2008 | 3:33AM
Location : San Jose, CA

Comment : Great music, pal!! Keep up the good work! - Bala

Date: 30 Oct 2008 | 8:22PM
Location : Minneapolis, MN

Comment : Hey Anuj, I know you from your GE days. I have been following your trance mixes for quite sometime now and I must say you are doing a great job. I have your mixes in my kitty all the time.... looking forward to your future mixes. - Shadab

Date: 27 Oct 2008 | 6:06AM
Location : Bangalore, India

Comment : Superb Anuj, Melodic trance and dream trance cant be better than your albums. Volume 10 is rocking!! Specially I like between 12:00 - 14:00, the composition was best in that duration. I heard all of your albums. Will wait for more cool trance in future. Wishing ur big success in future. Hawa great Diwali....ciao. Trance freak - Ayan

Date: 19 Oct 2008 | 5:35PM
Location : Spain

Comment : Thanks Anuj for the Vol. 10. Its an incredible session with stunning tracks and great transitions. I cant wait for the Vol. 11, I want to listen to it now. Congratulations from Spain - KarloS

Date: 19 Oct 2008 | 4:02PM
Location : Mumbai, India & Kuwait
Comment : hey hows it going Anuj....nice selection ...very fresh....i see ur totally in love with 'storm' ... but who isnt!! but good tunes ... specially...Tritonal feat. Cristina Soto - Walk With Me (Air Up There Mix)....really 'uplifted me'....keep up the good work...tc man...God Bless...Peace  - Jocelyn D'Souza

Date: 17 Oct 2008 | 8:51
Location : Baltimore, MD

Comment : Good job Anuj!! Like the pace of Vol 10 a lot... keep up the good work dude - Lavin

Date: 17 Oct 2008 | 5:16PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : Anuj, Vol. 10 truly is an ingenious mix of an incredible collection of tracks. Another success! Congrats! It is an addictive mix that I can listen to over and over again - Rekha

Date: 17 Oct 2008 | 3:51PM
Location : Chicago, IL

Comment : djanuj ftw!!! - Andrew Willard

Date: 01 Oct 2008 | 1:17PM
Location : NYC, NY

Comment : Aloooohaaaa Anuj! Wanted to drop in and say I am sitting here groovin to your CyberRadio.FM mix....awesome work as always! Can't wait for Vol.10...14 more days? You big tease! Hahaha! - Kelly

Date: 20 Sep 2008 | 7:09PM
Location : London, England

Comment : hi Dj Anuj its Mr B from London. Just would like to say your current sessions vol 8 and 9 spot on with the tracks and the transitions perfect. Your mixing skills are on a next level. Never give up hope and chase your dreams. - No. 1 fan Mr B

Date: 14 Sep 2008 | 7:56PM
Location : Queens, NY

Comment : i just listened to trance global vol 9! nice work! nice style. keep up the pristine work! hope to see u in nyc! - Jimmy K

Date: 13 Sep 2008 | 9:57AM
Location : Chicago, IL

Comment : At the beginning i felt "what the heck is Trance Music?" After i listened to Vol 9, "OMG ..it's awesome, what great music!" Huuuu..good job. Cheers! - Ann

Date: 13 Sep 2008 | 8:29AM
Location : India

Comment : macho!! don tell me that Rosary your wearing in one of your semi naked pics eh? is that what I think it is? great work on vol9 - nice stuff ;) - Mario

Date: 09 Sep 2008 | 8:36AM
Location : New York City, NY

Comment : Alohas Anuj! Vol.9 is awesome... lovin' the mix mate! Keep the grooves coming and let me know when you are back in the Big Apple! :) - Kelly

Date: 07 Sep 2008 | 10:28AM
Location : Atlanta, GA

Comment : Good Muzik is something that makes u listen to even when ur working all night .. and instead of sleeping, u keep listening to it n it's 6 in the morning by the time the last song of Volume 9 plays, with DJ ANUJ's voice in the end.... You are here to stay buddy!! I want to see you as Rank 1 DJ - Neenee

Date: 06 Sep 2008 | 10:18AM
Location : Frankfurt, Germany

Comment : Awesome mixes! keep on dude! - Sebastian

Date: 05 Sep 2008 | 7:56AM
Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina

Comment : You are really good.. I like your music so much! Kisses from Argentina! - Aïda

Date: 03 Sep 2008 | 10:01PM
Location : New Brunswick, NJ

Comment : Vol 9 was really awesome...you did it once again...I have had all the TG volumes and this one is yet another gem in the crown...Keep them coming... - Subha

Date: 31 Aug 2008 | 2:08PM
Location : Spain

Comment : I've just discovered your music and is simply stunning. I've heard all trance global and all are fantastic. I look forward to the Vol. 10. What city will be? Maybe Boston. - KarloS

Date: 31 Aug 2008 | 12:42PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : Awesome mixes!! Vol 9 is amazing!!! - Rekha

Date: 12 Aug 2008 | 10:32PM
Location : Hyderabad, India

Comment : Great collection of mixes .. "PLEASE DON'T STOP THE MUZIC" Cheers!  - Mario

Date: 11 Aug 2008 | 11:46PM
Location : Dallas, TX

Comment : Dude, I just cant believe you doing an amazing job, I want to talk to you on phone sometime, would it be possible? Plsss.... - G

Date: 9 Aug 2008 | 4:21AM
Location : Pune, India

Comment : hey anuj,i have downloaded your music vol 1-4 now downloading the 8th.. love playing it in my car on long journeys my friends to like it much...thanks for it man keep up the good work...cheers !!! - Raaj

Date: 8 Aug 2008 | 9:06AM
Location : Raleigh, NC

Comment : Anuj your music is awesome. It has kept me sane many a days...keep it up. Winners never quit and quitters never win! - Siesta W

Date: 5 Aug 2008 | 12:28PM
Location : Boston, MA

Comment : I'm so glad that i found your mixes!! Love your vocal trance mixes - it  reminds me of djdoboy you both have great stuff that makes me feel like i'm living in new york all over again! - Jovanni

Date: 4 Aug 2008 | 10:15PM
Location : Montreal, Canada

Comment : Hi, it's like some weeks that am listening ur music and i really like it u r doing a great job. Don't give up!!!=](Vol8 n 7 are really nice)!! - Michelle

Date: 27 July 2008 | 2:57AM
Location : Koh Samed, Thailand

Comment : hai, i run a beachclub on an island of the coast of Thailand and love your tunes, specially at night. keep up the good work! cheers - Robert

Date: 21 July 2008 | 7:35PM
Location : Texas

Comment : Love your music, keep on doin what your doin. I miss my home in VA. Living in Texas currently, but will move back in 24 months. CAN'T WAIT!!!!. Texas is ok, but it's nothing like my home in northern VA/DC. Your songs rock. I'm always looking forward to listening to new ones every month. You rock man!! - Harold

Date: 19 July 2008 | 5:23PM
Location : Ashburn, VA

Comment : ok...now I can see that all the equipment is being put to good use ;) Come a long way since the sensuality series. Maybe some more that that oriental stuff like in the start - Z3

Date: 19 July 2008 | 7:47AM
Location : India

Comment : well well well what do we have in vol 8 ....some well chosen and fantastic music.....amazing ....really loved the stuff...amazing combination.....good mix...loved the video that you have sent.... keep rocking...... - Soubir

Date: 18 July 2008 | 12:51PM
Location : Karachi, Pakistan

Comment : hey hies every 1 jus heard him he is gud n infact in same genre of music wid me so deff a guy to get along wid nice mixing wonderful selection of songs mate i played him into my guest mix n got loads of e mails who wana know more about him since our genre is popualr in europe so we r targeting europeans i think ure doin a fantastic job mate n 1 day u wud b damn famous happy mixing cheers - Anil Nazir Gill

Date: 12 July 2008 | 3:09PM
Location : India

Comment : amazing music....wonderful taste... specially vol 7.. starting eer gaan ta khub bhalo...maante hobe tomar taste ache ..tht too a great 1...keep up the great work....will be waiting for more releases by you...cheers, kudos... - Soubir

Date: 9 July 2008 | 10:39PM
Location : Bethesda, MD

Comment : thanks for the great downloads! look forward to more awesome mixes in the future - Pete

Date: 11 June 2008 | 4:54PM
Location : Brasília, Brazil

Comment : Oh my god! Your sets are awesome!!! Congratulations man, you have a very fine "taste" for the music choices and mixing. And if could be possible, i would like to hear a set with some songs from Dj Taka or TaQ, 2 excellent japanese Djs. If you want to more about them, just send me an e-mail. Thanks pal! - Ogg

Date: 7 June 2008 | 8:13PM
Location : Ashburn, VA

Comment : Yo man lovin the mixes there pretty wicked and btw man i think were neighbors thats how i found the website i saw the website addy on the black car as i was walkin by 2day were gonna have to get 2gether man ive been lookin for some1 to help make some mixes/beats im using fruity loops and cakewalk but i need some equipment you know anywhere were i can get cheap stuff at hit me up man. - Webb

"Hello there! Thanks for the comment :-) Lemme email you some info later this evening." - Anuj

Date: 5 June 2008 | 7:35AM
Location : Treherbert, Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan, UK

Comment : I always liked Trance just got deep in it Came across your name by luck and loving it keep up my man :-) - Steven Fry

Date: 30 May 2008 | 4:28PM
Location : New York

Comment : Mate! Volume 6 is sick! Originally from London but living in New York. It's been a while since I've heard a good mix over here and the tunes are well put together. Great tracks... Keep up the good work! Thanks! - Sammy B

Date: 29 May 2008 | 11:47PM
Location : New Delhi, India

Comment : Thanks a ton, Anuj for your reply. I'm a vocal melodic fan as well. And probably it's our similar tastes that makes your website a fantastic "research destination" for "what's-in". I've become a regular visitor. P.S. You got my name wrong - it's Pratik and not Nikhil. - Pratik

""Pratik, I guess I stand corrected" :-P - Anuj

Date: 25 May 2008 | 2:02AM
Location : Toronto, Canada

Comment : hey anuj, great website and great mixes.. i downloaded a few and i am enjoying them... - Nick

Date: 24 May 2008 | 12:22PM
Location : New Delhi, India

Comment : Great work Anuj. I always liked Trance (esp. w/ vocals) but just got deep into it a few weeks ago. Came across your name. Have listened to the tracks in your volumes but was wondering if there's a list of 'Must-Listens'. Suggestions?- Nikhil.

"Nikhil, thanks for the appreciation. A list of Must-Listens will depend on what you like really. I'm addicted to Vocal and Melodic Trance, while you might like Progressive and House. Choose which genre you like best (most will like 2, at most) - and then research on songs in that genre. One very good way to learn new tracks is to listen to online Radios (I use iTunes for this) - they often spin the latest out there." - Anuj

Date: 13 May 2008 | 4:02PM
Location : Pune, India

Comment : Hey Bro, I'm into METAL. But, i do listen and feel trance as well. Ur mixes are relaxing. I love relax trance. Sitting in front of beaches of Goa and listening to ur Music is simply HEAVEN. If u need any song of any one in future please ask me. I'll get that for u. - Nikhil

Date: 12 May 2008 | 6:06AM
Location : Koh Samed, Thailand

Comment : hai there, love your tunes! keep on spinning my man. greetings from www.baywatchbar.com - Robert

Date: 1 May 2008 | 2:13AM
Location : Jaipur, India

Comment : Hey Anuj! The Vol 5 is simply superb! The mixing is great and the music is simply awesome. Keep churning out this kinda music... it makes me groovin\'... Cheers! - Rohit aka Ronnie!

Date: 28 Apr 2008 | 7:46PM
Location : Raleigh, NC

Comment : Anuj, You are doing a great job mixing/recording these tunes. I am now your fan. Peace. - Srinivas

Date: 27 Apr 2008 | 7:59PM
Location : USA

Comment : I know you get this a lot, but when I found your mixes I fell in love automatically. I truly appreciate what you are doing. The music you make really brings me very much peace and happiness - Mark

Date: 3 Apr 2008 | 7:36PM
Location : New Jersey

Comment : hard time in my life right now. the new mix takes me away for awhile. its much appreciated, you are a very talented artist. you also have excellent taste in music, :) peace - John

"Hey John. Not sure what sorta hard time ur going through right now (all of us have been thru some in our own lives - and thats precisely what we got Vocal and Uplifting Trance Music for!) .. but ever heard the old saying, "Going Down is not Failure. Staying down is!" ... so now you have a choice. Just bounce back (let it take time if it has to). You got my Wishes" - Anuj

Date: 2 Apr 2008 | 4:02AM
Location : USA

Comment : I found your mix in my email amazing work :) keep up the Great tunes - djandyw

Date: 1 Apr 2008 | 5:22AM
Location : India

Comment : I like vocal trance and like all your tracks, however the more recent ones lack variety. They seem to be just some variation of the existing tracks. I hope you would create more magic with different vocal trance. Cheers, thanks for all the magic created so far - Amit

Date: 31 Mar 2008 | 8:03AM
Location : Toronto

Comment : hey buddy...just listening to TG Vol.4....sick mix man...love it...since I found out about you through youtube, i am a constant listener to your mixes...great job! cheers bud ! - Ivan D

Date: 30 Mar 2008 | 3:41AM
Location : Gurgaon, India

Comment : Hey!! awesome work Bro!! - Nishant Arora

Date: 29 Mar 2008 | 11:05AM
Location : Pakistan

Comment : Well 4 people like me who love trance shud appreciate ur Efforts keep it up. Wish u best of Luck - DJ Irfan

Date: 28 Mar 2008 | 9:50AM
Location : Toronto

Comment : hey bud....not sure if you remember speaking to me..been listening to your mixes...SIIC bud...awesome job...especially love the Peetu - Bigger Palace tune...that mix is in my maxima all the time...always on...anyways...keep up the good work...take care...cheers! - Ivan Dancevski

Date: 28 Mar 2008 | 3:17AM
Location : Pune, India

Comment : Hi DJAnuj, u do have all escense of true vocal trance n progressive trance in u man...gr8 to know tat...keep up ur work ..........would like to know..from where i can download this Astral projection - Mahadeva John 00 fleming remix from which is free..have searched quite a lot..could not find..would be really helpful if u can help me on this - Arun Swamy

"Arun, I've saved your email ID. The moment I get what you lookin for, take it you got it too" - Anuj

Date: 21 Mar 2008 | 4:11PM
Location : Dallas, TX

Comment : Hey , You are awesome dude... I like your remixes..finally heard a trance mix from an indian - Gurusom Rath

Date: 19 Mar 2008 | 9:58PM
Location : New Delhi, India

Comment : Anuj, I don't know what happened today but i felt like listening to Trance and my friend who does download all kinds of Trance, i just happened to pick your music. Since time I have been continuously listening to your trance for nearly 5 hours at a stretch... GOD BLESS he made trance and GOD BLESS he made you... Thanks for all the the great music - Manu Sharma

Date: 17 Mar 2008 | 1:50AM
Location : India

Comment : it sounds good....would love to learn Djin...but only trance...could u help me out with some links from where i can get really good trance and house...??...peace. - Hatim

"Sure! Try Audiojelly, Beatport, iTunes Library. You'll get more than you could possibly ask for!" - Anuj

Date: 16 Mar 2008 | 3:47PM
Location : Chennai, India

Comment : Hi Anuj, I have been following your mixes off late and its really good. I am practicing DJing for the past 2 months. I work for infosys and am doing this as its ma passion. I dont listen to trance music much but after i started listening to your mixes i have got the feel of trance music!! There are no trance clubs here in chennai unfortunately. But ma goal now is to play some of the best trance here... n show chennao people the taste of trance!! My hearty wishes for your future endeavors in both your professional and personal life. Keep spinning your best tracks dude!! n keep rockin... God Bless and Peace!! - Nepollean.M

Date: 12 Mar 2008 | 1:23AM
Location : New Delhi, India

Comment : Hey.. u doing great work..... i like your music. Keep it Up - Anuj Dhingra

Date: 08 Mar 2008 | 5:19
Location : Moskow

Comment : Peace, Brothers! - Bryan

Date: 07 Mar 2008 | 9:57PM
Location : Jacksonvillians FL

Comment : love the mixes. hope you enjoy our tunes as well. see you soon!! www.myspace.com/lautrecote - Ignatius Wrylys(lautrecote)

Date: 06 Mar 2008 | 8:30AM
Location : DC

Comment : Hey, I found your site thru Craigslist I’m a local DJ as well, I play mostly Electro house, feel free to check out my mixes here: http://waxdj.com/djs/5633/ You got a great website going on, just thought I’ll trop a line, have a good day WadiE

Date: 04 Mar 2008 | 8:57PM
Location: Croydon, New South Wales, Australia
Hi anuj.. V nice & subtle design of ur site. U look cool too with ur mixer. I hav downloaded the 'Trance, Global Vol 2 - Miami' Mix. It is really awesome. Lookin forward to downloadin more of the mixes & partying..... Keep the great work goin........ :) Cheers, Leela

Date: 01 Mar 2008
Time: 14:32:54
Forgot to mention my contact! harryinyourdreams@gmail.com

Date: 01 Mar 2008
Time: 14:32:17
Hi, Harry here from hyderabad! You songs are quite interesting. I mean it. Where can get your albums?

Date: 28 Feb 2008
Time: 08:06:37
DUDE WERS THE PSY TRANCE THE REAL OZI ONE.............. PLS REPLY ME ON shahrichesh@yahoo.com

Date: 28 Feb 2008
Time: 07:57:32

Date: 19 Feb 2008
Time: 01:45:43
Please send updates at:info@TheDirty.com

Date: 16 Feb 2008
Time: 09:57:23
oh u have turned into a great professional .keep it up.

Date: 14 Feb 2008
Time: 12:01:25
Mr. Anuj, your music is truly appreciate by all of the trance listeners. While I am at work I can put on one of your incredible mixes and I can make it through the day. Dj Doboy was also one of my favorite Dj's because his mixes were incredible, however I have a new favorite and he goess by the name Dj Anuj. :) Stay up and continue creating such masterpieces - Shant from Los Angeles, Ca

Date: 14 Feb 2008
Time: 09:43:35
Like ur style bro, this shit is worth spinning a hell of alot more that hip hop. Besides it's definetly making a stronger impact now than it did in the 90's. later dude, Dj. Vibe (Hugo Fuentes) Dallas, Tx.

Date: 11 Feb 2008
Time: 08:01:58
Superb mixes, COME TO LONDON DUDE!

Date: 11 Feb 2008
Time: 02:06:29
Yo !! TRANCE Guru is in town .. damn !! ima miss this chance .. when he is rite in ma home town .. DJ TIESTO Performs live in Hyd - Ind Tiësto's motto is: "I feel the energy from the crowd and I try to give it back, to create a unity." Source : http://www.soulclub.co.in/events_details.php

Date: 08 Feb 2008
Time: 08:39:21
Me gustaría que la página esté en español. I would like the page is in Spanish. Awesome!!!

Date: 07 Feb 2008
Time: 21:36:01
DJ Spider

Date: 07 Feb 2008
Time: 14:44:43
Your music is great :). Keep it up.

Date: 06 Feb 2008
Time: 22:25:15
Namaste, Anuj Ji! You are an artist! You can make a kind of magic with all this amazing sounds! I love at VOL3, 35min11sec Om Namah Shiva... Om Namah Shiva... Help! It put me offguard!! Fusion is a worldwide trend! Very good mix all of this... India is an amazing place, with a LOT of history, tradition, values and spirituality... so... very nice that you are bringing it on, and share your own culture with the world! take care! Grace (Brazil)

Date: 06 Feb 2008
Time: 20:27:25
YOU ARE THE MAN i freeking love uplift trance majority of this global population does not hear trance the way we hear it i love this stuff man its like rolling without the drug haha its a natural high keep it up trance master haha -Alex (hawaii)

Date: 31 Jan 2008
Time: 14:26:09
YO DJ ANUJ!!! Rockin'the sensuality track! oh yeah! Back in Action Baby. DjRikoPeriko

Date: 31 Jan 2008
Time: 13:57:12
Beautiful stuff!! I love it!! Do you ever get out to Vegas? We need more Trance dj's here.

Date: 29 Jan 2008
Time: 06:07:37
Hey Dj Anuj!!!! Was very impressed for the (vocal)trance series Sensuality 1-10, founded on the site Transmission. Now i see your great own site, and starting with a new serial of mixes(Trance global). Im a big fan of (vocal)trance, and also a big fan of your mixes!! you doing great!! Keep the good work up and i hope to hear much more from you! Im looking out for Trance global vol.2 - Miami!!! With regards! René van Breda, Holland.

Date: 26 Jan 2008
Time: 09:34:23
Hey man, you're damn good.. Great tracks selection. I keep listening to all the Cd sessions from the day I heard them for the first time. Keep going on! Baharchyuk@yahoo.co.uk

Date: 21 Jan 2008
Time: 05:06:19
Oh BTW ! Jus a lil suggestion to all those are wantin to download his Mixes-- - Please use a Download Manager such as Download Manager - im sure that would help and wont take much time depending on you internet speed "DO NOT break the Trace - Coz thats the whole point - You want to keep the music continous and playing always like he does." -Mario

Date: 21 Jan 2008
Time: 05:02:58
Yo ! Great Work Pal Where do i accquire License to Kill? I wanna Kill the last part of the Latest Mix 'Trance, Global Vol 1 ... Sounded Good to the Ears - Thou - When I played it at full Volume ma Creative Speakers Blue Off.... I do not get that Deep Bass any more :( Too BAD - Send me a New Speakers Set from there.... Great Work Pal Keep up the Trance Mode Mario

Date: 20 Jan 2008
Time: 18:42:01
You rock!

Date: 19 Jan 2008
Time: 10:40:38
hej great mixes! For some good uplifting trance look up nitrious oxide and 3rd moon. Not well known, but very good music..keep up the good work :)

Date: 17 Jan 2008
Time: 22:03:29
Losing pant sizes, and hair at the same time. Great music; aviternal trance ! Abbas.

Date: 17 Jan 2008
Time: 10:40:33
good stuff dude...

Date: 16 Jan 2008
Time: 20:22:52
I like your music and the way u spin dude.. Keep up the good work. Vocal trance rocks!!

Date: 16 Jan 2008
Time: 08:42:52
i love ur mixes,,, ur website is also gud.. ur viedo was also nice love nd regards dj Ankit ,, jaipur [india]

Date: 15 Jan 2008
Time:  11:33:36
Really Loved you tracks... Do u play in INDIA

Date: 11 Jan 2008
Time: 04:05:48
U r simply Amazing..........! regards, waseem pk

Date: 10 Jan 2008
Time: 20:35:21
(i dont speak english very well... im from brazil =0) Dj Anuj your mixes are the best! a Happy new year for u and a lot of success i wanna hear more of ur mixes!

Date: 03 Jan 2008
Time: 06:37:34

Date: 19 Dec 2007
Time: 17:12:03
Hey bro. It's Ivan. Sick mixes, they make my day at the office go by smoother. Love Euro in general (Trance, House etc) my cousin is DJ Danny D, he is big in Toronto, so I have been exposed to this since I was a baby..Drop me a line at ivand@ca.ibm.com.. Talk to you later....take care...ciao

Date: 19 Dec 2007
Time: 14:29:22
Hello DJAnuj, thank you for youur Great Yearmix 2007! Do you want to listen to my Dance Experiments Yearmix? You can dowload it on my short Webpage: http://www.tase-mix.com We see us ;-) Greetings from Germany, Holger

Date: 11 Dec 2007
Time: 19:17:47
Excellent musik. You have all the aptitude and persona of a mainstream DJ..........

Date: 28 Nov 2007
Time: 08:17:54
How are you buddy? Neat website !!

Date: 23 Nov 2007
Time: 10:38:17
hey man please split them into tracks and give away as tracks and each as a part of album sensuality thanks

Date: 23 Nov 2007
Time: 04:21:47
hiiiiiiiiiiiii DJ Anuj Thanks for the music its really cool ! i love trance music Played Your Vol 10 5 times over now Will check out others soon ! Got to know about you just 2 days back on thinkdigit ! Regards ! Akshay

Date: 18 Nov 2007
Time: 16:52:15
DJ Anuj, This is looking and sounding absolutely fabulous!!!!!! Your Future Nanny, C-C aka BigBeautifulBabe aka BajaDivaEntertainment